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Johnny Dietsch, AKA, ELYS!AN, is a future bass and melodic dubstep producer out of Los Angeles California. Born in Los Angeles, ELYS!AN has constantly felt the vibrations of an ever-changing music scene. And in 2017, he made the choice to step into this world to try and change it himself.


Here, you will find a collection of his music, messages, visual expressions, and everything else you need to keep up with ELYS!AN.

Curious about the meaning and origination of ELYS!AN? Scroll down to learn about Elysium and the Elysian Fields, a mythological destination where Johnny discovered his path.



For Johnny Dietcsh, AKA, ELYS!AN playing bars and frat parties at Texas Christian University in his college days only lasted so long. But not because the passion faded. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


The energy, freedom, and adrenaline he felt playing those first shows grew incredibly since his first gig at The Yard. Since then, ELYS!AN, previously known as DEESH, knew what it was he had to do - make music that made people feel the same way he felt when playing it 


Unfortunately, the toxicity of College and being an up and coming future bass and melodic dubstep producer in a highly critical EDM world grew too strong for this Los Angeles native. And soon after his career began, he had to take a step back and take another look at things.


When he completed this period of rehabilitation in December of 2019, he was no longer DEESH. He had begun ascending to a new level of spirituality and music production that he had never imagined before. 


He began his journey into becoming ELYS!AN.


Elysium & THE Elysian fields

In ancient Greek mythology, Elysium, or, the Elysian fields, represented a mythological world where great Greek heroes ascended to. But to Johnny Dietsch, AKA, ELYS!AN, a rising producer out of Los Angeles California, the world of Elysium and the Elysian Fields means so much more. 


While the Greek interpretation and Johnny’s are similar, meaning they both represent a place of higher ascension, Johnny’s vision represents a place where everyone can ascend to, not just heroes or worshipped mythical entities as depicted in the original interpretation. 

In Johnny’s Elysium, he believes everyone can ascend to a higher being. That everyone can become their own hero in one way or another.


While you can achieve this peak through several means, ELYS!AN intends to do it through music and sound exploration. And hopefully, be the guiding light to help you find your way there yourself. 



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